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Innovative Vehicle Ramp & Platform Displays

Where engineering, design, and branding converge to get your vehicles noticed

You need creative merchandising to cut through the distraction of a crowded highway, showroom or auto mall. You need to differentiate yourself and display vehicles in such a way that attracts customers, starts conversations, and sells vehicles.

But how?

Vehicle Merchandising Systems (VMS) offers you a better way to merchandise vehicles. Our high quality, branded vehicle display platforms, ramps, and accessories are specifically designed to showcase vehicles, and help them stand out when it matters most.

Discover the VMS difference, and let’s talk about how our safe, flexible, configurable products can increase sales and enhance your branding efforts!

Why are VMS Car Displays better than other displays on the market?

Our products are different from any other displays on the market, from their safety and engineering standards to their ability to communicate brand messages and promotions via large format graphics.

VMS display ramps and platforms are:

  • Strong, durable, and weather resistant
  • Able to highlight brand and promotional messages through an easy-to-use magnetic mount system
  • Some reference to LED lighting- look at description in museums etc…..
  • Cost effective to ship and designed for easy storage
  • Easy to assemble/disassemble or move
  • Engineered to carry up to a 5000 lb vehicle
  • Easily customized for large-scale rollouts
  • Ideal for other vehicle promotional needs, such as road shows, events, venue marketing, or for car enthusiasts, museums, or collectors
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