Leasing Option

Lease a VMS display for $200* a month, or 90 days same as cash

Lease a fully loaded VMS display platform or ramp for less than the average marketing cost for a vehicle.
Sell an additional vehicle per month from a VMS display & pay for the monthly lease cost.
You can lease a *fully loaded display for about $200 per month.

Cascada 12 Auto Display Platform

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VMS is working with Partners Capital Group to lease our displays. Partners' has been in the financing business since 2005 and is familiar with leasing equipment to the automobile world. They have a simple application process and fast approval.

There are several options available:

  • 90 Days same as cash - once credit is approved and agreement is executed you have up to 90 days to pay-off or convert to a lease. Build cash flow before having to make monthly payments.
  • Closed end operating lease: Off balance sheet financing, allows you to write off entire payment each month as an operating expense. Option to purchase equipment at end of lease for residual value
  • Capital (finance) leases

A capital lease is designed for you to own the equipment at the end of the payment period.

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24 – 36 - 48 and 60 month lease terms available

Fully loaded “Kit D” 12” Platform; graphic and light kits, loading ramps with $500 average transportation
Total Cost $6,075.00
36-month Lease for $186.00/month, first and last month payment at signing.
*(based on approved A-Credit rating)

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